Morris Vs Sobol Method Global Sensitivity analysis

I am comparing a sensitivity analysis using both the Morris and Sobol method for the most part the methods agree.

However 2 parameters appear to have low influence according to the Sobol method. But, when using the Morris method it appears these parameters have a high mean and a high variance.

How could this be possible? :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated, cheers :slight_smile:

This looks like a question about statistics. Or am I mistaken?

The discussions here are about Python Programming Language. Does the question directly relate to Python somehow?


it is more about interpreting the results from my python code.

So, now I understand it that you implemented the two methods in Python and they do not work as they should. Am I right?

Without showing your code, input data, output, differences from the expected output, pointing to possible problematic parts of your code, probably no one can help you.

Even with all the information the question looks so specific to statistics that it is possible that no one here will be able to help you.