Most optimized Pyodide build

I have build my own language which is transpiled to Python. I am making a browser based editor for the language and for that I need to run it in the browser itself. I have compiled my transpiler to webassembly (much like what Pyodide is also doing by compiling CPython) so that the code in the editor is converted into Python code. Now to run it, I want python interpreter in the browser for which I am using Pyodide. The editor works fine on localhost but on prod the pyodide modules takes a lot of time (~10 sec) to download and load. As my language does not support module importing syntax, I can give up all the packages (like numpy, scikit learn etc.) and stdlib function (except inbuild functions like print, len) that comes with Pyodide. What’s the best way to optimize the Pyodide build to speed up the load time.

If you don’t get an answer here, look for a Pyodide list or try Stackoverflow.

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ohh okay @tjreedy, thanks for this