Move PEP 581 discussion

(Jeroen Demeyer) #1

Hello @Mariatta I wonder why you created the new PEP 581 discussion thread in Committers, where non-core developers cannot reply? Was it just a mistake? PEP 581 clearly affects the whole community, not just core developers.


Hi @jdemeyer, you’re right this will affect all contributors. I didn’t mean to exclude you all from PEP 581’s discussion.

Several reasons for my posting in committers:

  • I don’t yet know what the new PEP procedure under the steering council, I was mainly looking for direction from the steering council. I know enough that steering council members this time around are in committers category, so I posted there.

  • In the past I’ve received unfriendly and unwelcome messages from people against PEP 581, so it made me more cautious before broaching the subject with the rest of the world. The committers category is one place I felt I can post it safely.

I’m still available to discuss PEP 581 in this core workflow topic as well as #pep581 stream in Zulip. Feel free to comment in either places. Again, my post to committers was mainly to ask next steps. :slight_smile: Thanks for understanding and for the interest in PEP 581.

(Victor Stinner) #3

Usually, PEPs are discussed on the python-dev mailing list.