Move typing-sig to Discourse?

I believe only the postmaster can archive the list.

I’ve just sent off an email to , which appears to be the way to get in contact with them.

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I think it’s also possible to import a mailing list (if you have the mbox archive file) into Discourse. Which would be nice, but probably significant work.

This, apparently:

Sounds like there’s an script. You’d need an mbox file.
IIRC the mailman archive files are mboxen with obfuscated email
addresses; you’d need to unobfuscate those before import to match things
up with existing accounts.

I’ve got an shell incantation for the unobfuscation sitting around
somewhere if someone wants it.

I am one such person. I mostly am subscribed to typing-sig to stay up-to-date with typing changes. Reading new discussions, to see where typing is going and the new features I’ll be able to use. I am new to Discourse, so a bit out of my depth. Would be cool to see how I can make Discorse send emails about new topics related to typing to my email – effectively what typing-sig is now. Do you (one) think other people (on typing-sig) would appreciate such guidance?

On a side note. I’ve noticed PEPs are rarely discussed on typing-sig. Perhaps I’m not reading all the emails, but I think a few of the later PEPs haven’t been on typing-sig. Taking me by surprise on release. Do you (one) know how/where to follow just typing PEPs?

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See Following Python’s development for some Discourse advice, including enabling “mailing list mode”. See also How to remove categories from my mail? for how to only get mail about chosen categories.

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Note that even with mailing list mode turned on, Discourse doesn’t
fully act like a mailing list. For example, it doesn’t respect
typical attribution headings for quoted content in replies.

Discourse has a “reputation” system and limits what you can post
until you achieve sufficient reputation points, but some of the
factors it considers are based on an assumption that participants
are engaging through the web interface (e.g. it tracks how long it
thinks you’ve spent “reading” posts based on timers in Javascript).

Discourse also allows participants to delete their posts, and I’ve
had a moderator get annoyed with me for replying to a post that had
been “deleted” even though there’s no way for mailing list mode
users to be aware of that without double-checking on the web that
the post is still there before responding to the copy you’ve
received in your inbox.

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If self-deletion of posts were to be disabled, I would shed zero tears. It’s annoying in the web interface to see a notification that a thread has something in it, go have a look, and find that it just says there’s a deleted post. It doesn’t even stop people from reading it, as you can check the edit history and see that the post got deleted. What’s the value of the feature??


One other minor annoyance to be aware of: if you PGP/MIME sign your
messages, Discourse will silently discard them (not merely strip off
the signature). I normally sign all public correspondence to mailing
lists, but have to be extra careful to remember not to sign posts to
Discourse if I want them to go through.

No response after 7 days.

@guido do you know how I can find out who the postmaster is, or know someone else who’d know? Perhaps there’s a different channel that I can use to get in contact with them.

Try asking what’s up. Cc me.

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@admins, does one of you have enough permissions to create a “Typing” top-level category at ?

I’m gathering folks who can perform the steps to migrate the typing-sig mailing list to Discourse.

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Sure, I can do that for you.


Wonderful. Then @ambv I formally request that a “Typing” top-level category be created.

I have just notified the typing-sig mailing list that they should start redirecting conversations to the new category.

I will continue to follow up with the postmaster RE changing the former typing-sig mailing list to read-only, no longer accepting new posts.


The postmaster is ready to go to make the original typing-sig list read-only.

@ambv , a friendly ping to create a top-level “Typing” category here in when you get the chance.


I created the category at Typing - Discussions on .


Thanks @brettcannon !

I’ll follow up with the postmaster in a day or two.

PEP 1 needs updating in a couple of places to recommend the new category instead of Typing-SIG, and also the PEPs repo contributing guidelines.

Would someone like to put together a PR?


Could the category colour be changed? The current dark teal colour looks very similar to the green of the Ideas category, especially when next to each other.


Yes, but there’s a limited number of colours left, so you may not get much of an improvement overall.

And it would look similar to something else if we changed it based on the various colours used for all categories (see the Categories list). And not everyone follows the same categories list, so fixing this for some people won’t improve things for others. So someone is going to be disappointed with the colour change no matter what.