How to remove categories from my mail?

I have mailing list mode enabled. I get mail for categories I don’t care about (e.g., packaging). How to I get Discourse to stop sending me packaging mail? On various forum websites, one subscribes to categories (forums) of interest, doesn’t get notifications about posts to other categories. Does Discourse not work that way?

What are your notification settings set to for the categories you want to ignore (it’s the bell in the screenshot below as viewed at the main page for a category)?

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 15.13.48

I didn’t even notice the bell icon. It is not highlighted.

Edit: It appears no category bell is highlighted. Is it mailing list mode that causes me to see everything? (I prefer not to use the web interface unless I have to.)

The bell has quite a few modes. I don’t use mailing list mode so I can’t confirm, but try clicking it and selecting “Muted”.

Thanks. Gave it a try for several categories. Will see if that helps.

Flipping through my Python-labeled mail, it does appear that explicitly muting categories does the trick. I have two small bits of feedback for the Discourse maintainers:

  1. Maybe it “looks better”, but the bell outline doesn’t scream, “Hey! I’m a menu. Click me!” Just sayin’.

  2. It seems to me the default setting for all categories should be “muted,” not “normal.”

This is very subjective.

I, for one, use email mode and want to get everything. I funnel all
the Discourse Python email and the older Python mailing lists into the
same “python” mail folder, suitably labelled, and my mailer collapses
threads by default. For me, this works quite well.

Maybe choosing muted-by-default versus unmuted-by-default might
reasonably be a choice when you turn that mode on.

For me, email mode wouldn’t work if things were muted by default - half
the reason is so that I don’t need to go to the web forum - it comes to

That said, I can imagine muting some Catgeories in the future if they’re
sufficiently niche.

Cameron Simpson