Moving `installer` under the PyPA umbrella

I’d like to move the installer project under the PyPA umbrella.

While it’s not had a 1.0.0 release yet and there’s still some open feature requests, it is (as far as I’m aware) the only library in the position that it has – a self-contained, minimal wheel installation library.

Many folks (including myself) have been recommending it as the piece in the puzzle for a better bootstrapping story for downstream redistributors. It (combined with flit_core’s bootstrapping and build) will help redistributors move them away from using pip for bootstrapping, simplifying the dependency tree that they need to deal with when bootstrapping.


A PyPA committer vote is triggered when a PyPA committer (not the proposer) seconds the proposal.

Any other PyPA committer willing to second my proposal to move installer? :slight_smile:


I second the proposal.

@pradyunsg could you open the voting thread on Mailman 3 Info | - Thanks!

Yup, I’ll do that in the evening, UK time (~3-6 hours from now).

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Actually, I went and did it now: Mailman 3 Vote: Accept installer within the PyPA - PyPA-Committers -

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