My devguide fork doesn't have a main branch

I must have forked the devguide repo a long time ago, because it was way out-of-date. I sync’d it with python/devguide, but it still has a master branch instead of a main branch.

Before I go and do something stupid (I have been doing that quite a bit lately), how do I fix this problem? (I have an actual change I’d like to upload, so I’d prefer not to let this sit too long.)

You can rename your local master to main. Please follow the instructions here: Git Bootcamp and Cheat Sheet


Thanks. I get that I can manually create main. What I don’t understand is why when I sync’d from python/devguide to smontanaro/devguide main didn’t come along for free? (I can understand that it might not have wanted to delete the now spurious master. Just surprised there was no main…)

After only a small amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth, i am all set. Thx for the pointer @Mariatta.

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