My email is rejected as spam

I recently joined PSF and sent an email to to link my membership with my existing account. It bounced right back. Your server said it looked like spam. My email server is a private domain on a VPS at Linode. Please let me know how to get my domain whitelisted, maybe through a DM?

Hi, you should maybe ask about your email rejection.


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Thanks, Victor. Once my email was bounced I didn’t expect it to go through anywhere on the domain. But sure enough email to the postmaster did go through and they’re helping me out with the issue.

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Wow. Contact with postmaster was enlightening, my introduction to Spambayes, but only took me so far. So Spambayes has been trained on the psf-donations email address to identify my first name, the word “account” and anyone with an ip address starting with “45” as spam and bounce it back.

When I send the request without those words, nothing comes back at all. Which is progress, I guess, and it’s either in purgatory or folks are pretty busy. So if anyone watching is able to check the psf-donations email, please give my email the green light!

Consider using a different email address.

Maybe that’s the only way. I know there are a lot of volunteers, and I was hoping to be one of them which was why I joined the foundation. But I worked very hard curating my domain and keeping it near-spam free for years, and migrating to another email just for the PSF is a real pain in the butt.

The Spambayes plugin, specifically on the psf-donation email address, bounces ham messages from new PSF members requesting their python and psf accounts linked.

>> 29828 spambayes clues [('*H*', 0.1383559635573428), ('*S*',
>> 0.8390254577414805), ('psf', 0.0215311004784689), ('subject:PSF',
>> 0.22379984456268306), ('thanks', 0.3831475698056829), ('',
>> 0.6216610069787961), ('email', 0.6298316590940496), ('username',
>> 0.6435868764136318), ('your', 0.6436655678187128), ('from:addr:paul',
>> 0.6897233201581028), ('paul', 0.8082374642007669),
>> ('', 0.8376827131762676), ('received:45',
>> 0.8611138936191525), ('morning!', 0.9081632653061225),
>> ('subject:account', 0.9347826086956521)]