Mystery likes on this thread

Could you please explain the “blank likes” that are (seemingly) being automatically added to posts in this thread please.

I don’t see anything amiss with the likes in that thread. (If you see just a heart outline, that means no likes; if you see the number 1 and a heart, that’s 1 like, and you can click the 1 to see who it’s from, etc.) When I check each post that has likes, I see a corresponding number of icons for the likers. Maybe it just glitched for you? Try refreshing the page?

It does appear that the OP of that thread liked every other post by everyone else, but that doesn’t seem particularly out of line for a short thread in the Help section.

Humm… that’s odd. For example, the last post that you made, I see a “like” (that popped up within seconds) by “unknown/deleted user”.

Is it just me seeing this??!!

Well, I did like and immediately unlike your OP in this thread, because I was testing it. But otherwise, no, I think it’s just on your end.

Thank you. Very strange; a ghost in my machine, perhaps :slight_smile: