Narrative docs on advanced typing features

Would the Python documentation community be interested in narrative documentation of advanced typing features? I reached out to Justin Ellis, who authored the below blog post on the topic, and he is willing to contribute this to c python.

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I believe typing documentation is being built up at .


In addition to what Brett wrote, we have big plans for the typing documentation, but basically no resources. The documentation is discussed at Issues · python/typing · GitHub. Any help is appreciated.

Where is the source for that doc? I have a suggestion or two, but can’t find a repo with the source. I imagine it’s somewhere :slight_smile:

In the docs, expand the little black box at the bottom right of the page (at least on desktop) to get a bunch of useful links, including “On GitHub”.

Thanks! I looked for it, I really did – kinda subtle to my crappy eyes :frowning: