Need help developing a code

I am very new to python but I am trying to build a code to track and detect the movement of small insects and count the number of times they pause (for 50 seconds or more) on 4 circular regions of interest using an avi vedio (approximately 1 hour). I have tried and still trying but I think it is time to ask someone professional in python to help. I will share the video if someone attempts to help. Thanks in advance and all the best.

Hello Doraid, and welcome to Discussions on!

What do you need help with, specifically? Your current problem description is too broad for this forum; if you’re looking for someone to provide you with a finished solution to your video analysis task you should hire someone to do it for you.

If you have a specific problem you need help with, please go ahead and clarify your question.

This is a big, complicated job that requires specialised knowlege of motion tracking and shape recognition.

You should expect to either spend a lot of money hiring a professional who is an expert in those fields, or a lot of time becoming an expert.

Thanks for your comments. If I was in a position to hire someone to write the code, I would not post here. I am a student and cannot afford the costs. Also, I am not expecting someone to write the whole code. I have been working on a code for a while now but it does not seem to be working correctly. Since I am not an expert in python, I am unsure where the problem is in my code to ask specific questions on here. I apologies for not being specific and will try to figure out what the problem is and post later. Thanks for taking the time

If you’ve got existing code, we’re happy to see it and the results and
explain problems and make suggestions. Bear in mind that for some
problems you’ll need a domain expert (eg an machine learning or image
processing person), and you may or may not find the right person here.

Your original post sounded like you had a large project to do from
scratch (well, you do have a large project, but at least it sounds
like you’re part way through).

Also, if some parts are not working it is best to come with as small a
demonstratable example of the nonworking thing as is feasible and to
present it in its own topic/question. That narrows the focus and
simplifies the problem solving.

Cameron Simpson