Need help for start basic learning with pycharm or vs code?

i can’t use pycharm in python course and vs code course can used on MS . How it works with Pycharm ? can i get step by step learning Python Guidelines , it possible?i need the best guide line with directory and otherwise so many files in my laptop ?

Hi @Zwezayar and welcome. I have moved your post to the Python Help category. Please use Packaging only for posts related to improving packaging tools like pip.

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If you prefer a lighter option, VSCode is an excellent choice. However, if memory constraints are a concern, it’s worth noting that PyCharm may require more resources due to its more robust nature. Nevertheless, for beginners, PyCharm provides a more intuitive experience.

Yeah, although potentially also an overwhelming one, as it is a very powerful IDE aimed at software developers. You may want to consider a more beginner-friendly IDE like IDLE (built in to Python) or Spyder (can be installed with pip, Conda or standalone installers).


I want to use but I can’t enter the website of jetbrain and I can’t do service providers of my country. I was searched on website and many applications on pad and mobiles but I can’t get what i want to get .i was looking for just learning from basic python and how much i can get from it . I will join paid services or courses after i can get knowledge with python. Thanks for your helps . Can you suggest me for choosing python basic programming languages .now i try it MS + VS Code and it not like with others .So i am confused what is the best thing for learning python.

If you want something lightweight, use Idle - it comes with Python and is pretty decent. It doesn’t have as many features as something like VS Code, but it also uses far less memory.

It doesn’t matter the Idle, you can write python even in Notepad or in the standard python idle that comes with it.