Need help getting started with Python

Hi guys, I am brand new to Python and need some help getting started please.

I just downloaded the latest version of python from During installation I ticked every box to ensure nothing was missing, PIP, IDLE etc. I wanted the full package to get started. I had some books to work from.

The books said I should just be able to type pip and enter the pip system to choose additional things to download, but i dont seem to be able to enter pip.

I am using a microsoft surface tablet with window 10.

Any suggestions?

Both pip and python are expected to be commands run from the command shell.

You’ve already launched python and are now in a python interactive prompt. Instead of double-clicking the python icon, open a command shell. Either from the start menu, or by pressing [windows]-R and then typing cmd in the dialog that opens.

Ah ok great that worked, thank you. Sorry for the newbie question lol but your answer was helpful

What about running IDLE? I just tried typing IDLE into the command shell and it didnt work. Also tried typing python first to run python, then typed IDLE and still didnt work

You can run IDLE either from the command line (python3 -m idlelib), from within the Python interpreter (import idlelib.idle), or (on Windows and macOS) simply by double-clicking the bundled “IDLE app”.