Need help preparing for job

Hello. I know this is the wrong place for this question but I found a lot of experts here.

I am 50 years old and I want to switch to a career in AI / ML. I want to start as a Python developer. I realise I have to master Python, SQL , Django , Flask and MongoDB. How can I best achieve this so I can be job ready?
Please help. Sorry for posting here. If this is objectionable can anyone point to a forum or another portal where I can post this question. Thankyou.

Very good. There are no age limits for programmers, and it is admirable to still have this spirit.

There is no specific line for “mastery”; there is always more to learn and more technique to practice as a programmer. As far as “job ready” goes, that will depend on the specific employer and position, so it’s hard to say very much.

Django and Flask are used for making web sites, and have nothing to do with AI/ML. (Unless, of course, you want a web interface to your AI chat bot, or something like that.)
SQL and MongoDB are database technology. They have very little to do with AI or ML. If you are using tools or libraries for AI/ML that need to store information in a database, normally they will take care of that part for you. Certainly you do not need to learn both, because they are options for doing the same thing.

After you understand some fundamentals about Python programming, and about programming in general (how to think about complex problems, how to debug code etc.), I recommend looking at Numpy and Pandas. You don’t need to work with these directly for AI/ML, either; but practicing with them will train you to understand what the AI software actually does, and to be familiar with the data structures that it uses behind the scenes (this will make it a lot easier to understand the error messages). After that, look at Keras and Tensorflow.

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