Network coding challenge

Does anyone think they can implement a working version of the following features using any combination of the libs available in pypi (except for ansar-connect), all within 250 lines of concise python?

  • simulation of a polled temperature sensor
  • simulation of a sample-generating strain gauge
  • sensors/gauges installed around a LAN
  • sensors/gauges installed around the internet
  • centralized point that maintains connections to all available devices
  • logging of samples
  • simple access to history of samples

This is a second attempt to claim that there is a better way to implement networking software. If you have been fustrated with any of the following, this might be interesting to you;

  • constraints of the RPC blocking model
  • limitations around the type of data that can be included in network messages
  • pollution of application code with technical networking details
  • repetitive transformations as data passes between different apis

Refer to the documentation link, section “A Networked Laboratory”.