Neural network programming

Hi everyone,

I’m doing an online coure in Coursera (Neural Networks and Deep Learning), but I’m a little confused of the pre-writed code lines.In the programming assignment the tutor don’t expain well the function of this instructions.

I have uploadaed the docx file containing the questions:…a2v-l/edit

this is the source code/solution for the programming assignment on github:…ayer.ipynb

Hi Tamas, and welcome!

If you have questions about an online course, you should ask your tutor
to explain, not us.

How well do you understand Python? If you haven’t done the Python
tutorial, you should do so.

If you get no answer here, it might be because nobody knows the answer,
or it might be because nobody has the time to find out what your
question actually is because there isn’t enough information in this
post. (It has taken me about five or ten minutes to write this post.
Giving answers is not cheap.)

Remember that we are all volunteers, doing this for free in our limited
spare time. We are not paid to answer questions, we do them as a service
for the community. The more work we have to do to answer your question,
the less we are inclined to do it – unless the question is really
interesting, in which case we might spend hours working on it!

You can maximise the chances someone will help by posting good quality
questions. A good question:

“I don’t understand what the syntax ** does in this function call
func(a, b, **c) from example 7 on page 12. It looks like
exponentiation but c is a dict, not a number. Here is a direct URL to
the specific example. Can somebody explain or point me to the docs?”

Even people who can’t access Google Docs could still answer that.

A bad question:

“I don’t understand the code. Here’s a doc. Find the bits I don’t
understand and explain them.”

Help us to help you!

Thank you,

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