Nevermind im just bad at this

print input("Everybody owns a: ")
print input(“And i love those, but heres a problem, they always get stuck in my: “)
print input(” i can never get it out when its stuck and thats why i invented the unstuckinator, the best thing you’ll ever use, however the only problem with it is that it gives the user raging: “)
print input(“That can be annoying, but that doesn’t matter, Anyways if you decide to travel in: “)
print input(” you should always bring a: “)
print input(“if you don’t you might get hit by a tray of: “)
print input(” and that would probably hurt but you also have to be careful of the big man, he is a dangerous creature who,:”)
print input(” children, so if your a child you need to be careful while traveling unless you want the big man to: “)
print input(“you. Me personally i think think you should bring a: “)
print input(” but, the only way to defeat the big man is to use some: “)
print input(“spray, however that can be hard to get the easiest way to get a bottle of it is to bribe a local: “)
print input(” most likely they will give it to you, just be careful because if you use it wrong then you will turn into a: “)
print input(” and i know nobody wants to be that out here in the middle of the: “)
print input(” that would be pretty miserable, you wouldn’t even be able to: “)
print input(” if you can’t get any of the spray, then you will need to fend for yourself, if you don’t the big man will take a: “)
print input(” and: “)
print input(” you with it, that would hurt, but the big man can also: “)
print input(“a boulder at you, if he does, you have to quickly: “)
print input(” out of the way before it hits you,”)
print input(“if it hits you then you need to get to the:”)
print input(” very quickly or else you could get an infection known as the: “)
print input(” the virus will give you extreme: “)
print input(” and maybe even dysentary, nobody wants dysentary. so i suggest your prepare anti:”)
print input(” pills because that will give you a break from the torture for a little while, just try to find a: “)
print input(” because if you don’t then, you can probably assume what is going to happen, anyways if the big man gets his teeth on you you’re going to want to: “)
print input(” him in the head if he retaliates and: “)
print input(” you in the head you must: “)
print input(” away from him and use a potion of: “)
print input(” to heal yourself because you may be extremely injured if he bit you to hard you will want to consult the nearest: “)
print input(” for some good pancakes and medical attention, but if you get pancakes you will want to ask for their special: “)
print input(“because it tastes so: “)
print input(”! If you just want butter thats ok too, because it tastes very: “)
print input(” however if you get the funny butter it gives a weird texture that feels like: “)
print input(” that is rolled up in cotton candy if you put: “)
print input(” on it but that would be absolutely: “)
print input(” and i don’t think anybody in the 9 realms would ever think of possibly doing something so: “)
print input(” But nobody is that crazy right? studies show: “)
print input(” just take a look at the news, so many crazy people out there i mean remember the guy that decided to eat eggs while using a: “)
print input(” I mean, who does that! i guess that guy but who else, anyways take a look at the news again, look at this dude, he is: “)
print input(” In broad daylight! thats insane i don’t have the: “)
x = input(” To do such a thing and you shouldn’t either, abslolutely without a doubt wouldn’t you agree?: “)
if x == “Yes”
print “Alright!:”
elif x == “No”
print “Wow! You really think so!?:”
print input"Yes, i agree:”
y = input(” thats one of the answers i’ve ever seen! anyways, what is your favorite food?: “)
if y = food
print input"MMmM yes i love ‘food’ food tastes like food, right?: "
print input"I respect your opinion:”
print input(” Anywho, lets get back to the story, sorry for the inconvience, clears throat where was I? do you remember?: “)
print input(” Ah yes! Alright, anyways, if you get the: “)
print input(” with the: “)
print input(” and the: “)
print input(” then you should have some: “)
print input(” with it because it will make it taste so: “)
print input(” ! You have amazing taste if you: “)
print input(” this dish to be comepletely honest, also i think you are very: “)
print input(” for liking that dish, anyways one time i got a: “)
print input(” from my mother but she didn’t know that i already had one, i pretended to: “)
print input(” it, but i really didn’t, as soon as i said thank you i heard a: “)
print input(” ringing in my ears, it felt very: “)
z = input(” but then i asked my mother if she heard it and she said: “)
if z == “Yes”
print(” I asked her if she knew what it was and she said no, so i tryed figuring it out myself”)
print(” She said no, so i decided to figure it out myself”)
r = input(” i went into the: “)
if r == “Basement”
print(” and i found a mysterious metal object”)
elif r == “”

the error is telling me to delete the input which is the structure for this, can anybody help, for inputs am i supposed to use variables?

Before getting to the code, could you please remember to post code or
output between triple backticks:

 your code
 or output
 goes here

That preserves indenting and punctuation, which is essential.

To your code:

print input("Everybody owns a: ")

In modern Python this is a syntax error, because print() is a function
and requires brackets.

It looks like most of these should just be print() calls, eg:

 print("Everybody owns a:  ")

The print() function writes output to your terminal. The input()
function writes a prompt to your terminal and reads a line of text from
the user, and returns that text.

So you want a bunch of print() calls to write all this leading text.
Or a single print() call with a multiline string, like this:

 # the tripe tick mark starts a multipline string
 Everybody owns a:
 And i love those, but heres a problem, they always get stuck in my:

Ah, and on reading the text, it looks like maybe these are intended to
be input() calls. You’re asking the user for things at each prompt. So
you do want variables and so forth:

 thing = input("Everybody owns a: ")

This prints a prompt and reads an answer, and stores that answer in the
variable named thing. You can use it later. Example:

 print("I own a", thing)


x = input(" To do such a thing and you shouldn’t either, abslolutely without a doubt wouldn’t you agree?: ")

This is the same pattern: prompt for some input, save the answer in the
variable named x.

if x == “Yes”
print “Alright!:”

This tests the answer stored in x against the string "Yes". But
print() is a function, so you want:


Hope this helps,
Cameron Simpson