New buildbot release branch dashboard!

This new improvement to the buildbot server is specially targeted to make easier the life of the release managers (CC: @ambv @nad @larry @benjamin @steve.dower).

What changed?

We have installed a new tab in the menu of the buildbot server:

How it works?

The new tab shows a summary of the release status of the (for now 3 series, we can add 2.7 if
@benjamin wants ) branches. Here you have an example

If all the stable builders for a branch have successfully build the lastest commits, then the branch is considered releasable and you get a green tick. If the latest build has failed, then you get a list of all the builders that are failing with clickable sections, so you can inspect what went wrong without having to make 300 clicks in different places:

Future plans

Ideally, release managers (and anyone interested) should indicate extra conditions they want to add to make a branch “releasable” (maybe the last x builds have to be successful instead of only the last one for example), so all feedback is very welcomed :wink:

TLDR / Summary

In summary, we have added a new cool tab that should make life easier to anyone that wants a holistic view of the latest state of the CPython branches without having to dig deep into the buildbot UI and perform multiple clicks.

We hope you find it useful :slight_smile:


Thank you!