New GitHub feature: Actions

(Barry Warsaw) #1

GitHub just announced Actions which looks at first glance to be along the lines of GitLab’s pipelines feature. The latter is very flexible and powerful for integrating CI/CD and other interesting integrations. I thought I’d mention it here in case you missed the announcement. I have no doubt @Mariatta and others will find some amazing uses for this new feature. :slight_smile:


GitHub Actions is not yet open for public. I’ve signed up for beta but haven’t heard back. Anyone here who knows people who can give me early access? :grin: Would like to try it.

(Stéphane Wirtel) #3

yep, on this morning, hope to receive a message and create some automatic tools :wink:

(Brian Curtin) #4

A friend of mine worked on this—I’ll ask and see if he can get us in.

(Brian Curtin) #5

Ok, so I can get a couple of people in as individuals, and I’m going to get us on the list for when they start exposing the feature to entire organizations. Besides @Mariatta, who else is working on workflow stuff under the /python GH org that would benefit from early access?


(Ernest W. Durbin III) #6

I’m not actively working on workflow features but am available to support them. Access would be beneficial for me if it is required to debug/troubleshoot/firefight issues with actions.


:smiley: Thanks @brian!

(Brian Curtin) #8

@Mariatta and @EWDurbin, can you signup at if you haven’t already? Jamie will then fast-track those applications through and then you should be in. I’m going to email him about getting us in the org-wide beta once it opens and CC you there as well.


I’m already in the waitlist. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #10

Done for my personal account and the Python organization! (@ewdurbin And @python)

(Brian Curtin) #11

@Mariatta @EWDurbin your details are now forwarded on, but being fast-tracked requires director approval so it might take a few days. If you don’t hear anything by the middle of next week, let me know and I’ll let my guy know to ping someone internally again to push you through.


Hi I still haven’t heard anything.

(Brian Curtin) #13

Sorry about that! I’ll ask my connection again and see what’s going on. The PM who takes care of letting people in the program was on vacation right around when we sent in the requests so perhaps they got lost in the shuffle.


I got my invite. Thanks @brian! :grinning:

(Pradyun Gedam) #15

Going slightly off topic, @brian by any chance, could you get on the list of organizations that have get early access when they do the organization roll-out?

(Jules Lasne (Jlasne)) #16

Hey :smiley: So I have access to the Actions feature and apparently so does some of you. I have contact of some guys over @github that can provide people access if I ask nicely.

Other than that, I was actually talking to them and the Actions tab are only available to Private repositories because of tokens used in the Actions modules which makes sense.

(Jules Lasne (Jlasne)) #17

Right so I just got an email saying that Actions are now available for public repositories.

It looks like we could do some nice things with it. See for example

(Nathaniel J. Smith) #18

Out of curiosity (and because I’m not finding the docs very helpful): Is there something awesome Actions can do that we couldn’t do before with Travis/Azure pipelines/Heroku bots?

(Jules Lasne (Jlasne)) #19

Well from what I gathered and tested, Actions allows us to have everything in one place, handled like github instead of having our bots triggered on merge etc… Actions does it for us and has a beautiful UI. Plus I’m sure the github staff would love to help us set it up. Have you looked around at ?

(Antoine Pitrou) #20

Well, we need some level of Travis-CI and Azure automation, so I’m not sure what il would bring to migrate part of that to Github Actions. It would also make it more painful to move away from Github.

I understand Github may want to create some kind of platform effect so that users/customers have a stronger incentive to stay with them long term, but what’s good for Github is not necessarily good fo us.