New Tkinter Blog

If this is permitted…
I’d like to announce the first post on a weekly blog discussing Python’s tkinter library. You can find it here:

Come read an article, leave a comment, or just admire the art. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Ron.

I notice you have a copyright notice on your blog, which is fine and
also not even legally necessary. (Under the Berne convention, an
explicit statement of copyright is no longer needed. Copyright is
automatic and compulsory. Legally, even this post of mine is copyrighted
in full.)

But it’s a stock-standard copyright, which means that all rights are
reserved. When you start posting code, that means that legally others
can’t copy that code even for personal use. (Fair-use not withstanding.)

I presume your intention is to allow people to copy and use and perhaps
even redistribute your code. If not, then you can stop reading now :slight_smile:

Many people don’t care about the letter of the law, and will just copy
your code regardless of copyright (either through ignorance or
intentional disregard), but as we say in the Python community, “Explicit
is better than implicit”.

You might like to consider looking at Creative Commons licencing for
your text and an open source licence for your code.

Thanks for the info, Steven. The copyright notice is there mainly for those who don’t know about the Berne Convention or the fact that copyright is automatic.

Scripts are stored in a separate GitHub repository with its own notice stating that all scripts are in the public domain.

I did look into CC, but didn’t find one that really suited my situation, but thanks for pointing this out.


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You might find the CC0 license useful for the scripts:

I suggest that you make 8.6 the minimum tk version. distributes Windows and macOS installers with recent 8.6.x. ( Anything much older on macOS is buggy.) Nearly all *nixes now have 8.6.n as default.

Thanks for catching that, Terry. From here on, that’ll be our minimum version.