New to Python and want use acitoolkit

Hi, It would be great if someone can provide advise on installing/Configuring/Using Python with acitoolkit. Thanks in advance.

Have you read the docs?

My advice would be:

  • read the docs for the library
  • do the tutorial
  • if you are new to Python, do the Python tutorial first
  • ask more concrete questions, if you can
  • tell us what you’ve tried, so we don’t waste your time and ours
    telling you things you already know

Thanks! Steven. I will try again.

Hi Steven, I am trying to download the OVA but the link is not there anymore. Is there someone out there has a copy? That would be awesome.

What’s OVA?

What link are you trying to follow?

ova is a pre-installed package.
it can be installed in a VMware to be used. No configuration needed.

Sorry Jeffery, your reply doesn’t make sense to me.

If ova is pre-installed, then you will already have it installed.
That’s what pre-installed means.

What sort of package is it? What does it do? How is it relevant to
Python and acitoolkit?

Hi Steven, That’s what I am saying. The URL link is suppose to give me a download of the ova but its not there anymore. With this ova, you can install to a virtual machine with everything in it.

I still don’t know what “the ova” is or how it relates to Python.

Is this something to do with VMware?

You might get better answers about OVA files if you ask on VMware
community forums, this is for asking questions about Python.