New to python coding and need answers as example

source": [
“# (4) Plot race value counts as a bar chart using ‘pat_enc’. (5 points)\n”,

source": [
“# (6) Filter pat_enc to contain only those with height and weight readings (height and weight not null) and\n”,
“# store as ‘pat_enc_hw’. Append ‘.copy()’ to the end to create a deep copy. Print pat_enc_hw.\n”,

We’re not going to do your homework for you. But if you have specific questions about Python itself, we can try to explain things.

Tip: format source code in triple backticks (```) to make it more readable. You can select the text and hit the </> button at the top of the editor.


It’s not homework this is for my personal learning.I need a template to get an understanding.