New User Pop Up When Creating Their First Help Topic - Instructions On How To Enter Code With Back Ticks


with so many users not made aware explicitly on how to enter Python code on the console, would probably help if their was an automatic a pop-up with explicit instructions on how to enter code between two lines each having three back ticks when creating their very first help topic. I think that this would greatly streamline the helping process. Maybe even add a Do you understand? verification check-off box to ensure that they have read and understood the instructions. Would maybe also help if the instructions were provided in the form of a GIF with text box instructions leading the view from beginning to end. If this is too much, then at least provide screen shots and a picture of the key on the keyboard to press to get back ticks, etc.

Just a small suggestion being the amount of effort that goes into explaining to every new user on how to enter code properly.

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I believe this idea about discord rather than python belongs in Discourse Feedback - Discussions on

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