Newbie question

I’m new to programming / Python. I have been studying it for about two weeks. So far I have basic knowledge of strings, variable assignments, lists and loops.

My goal is to learn enough to be able to apply for a Jr developer position and move up from there. How long did it take some of you to get to that point. Do I have to be an expert in Python first before I have a shot. I guess I’m trying to see what is a realistic scenario.

Thanks for your help.

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It most probably depends on the specialization you choose. It’s just a language, you need to be able to express and understand the problems, and formulate the solutions. It’s not only about the syntax.

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It depends on what kind of job you are aiming for. Jobs are often very specialized, like web developer or data scientist / machine learning and other categories, These are highly specialized sub-fields and you don’t need to be an expert in everything to land a job. Key is that you have projects to show during an interview.

One thing you could do is work backwards. Find the jobs you are interested in, then learn all of the skills listed in there. For the same category of jobs they are almost always the same.