NiceGUI package

Hi all,

I did some scripts with TKinter which is great. But i was looking for something more fresh with a more up-to-date look and feel.
I found a package called ‘NiceGUI’, which i understand is pretty new.
Does someone know a forum that specializes in this package and some links to good examples (except the ones on their official website).

Thanks in advance.

Hey there… Have you checked out PyQt5 it also has nice features, customization to enhance the look and feel of you GUIs… whole lotta of resources to follow from

This was a Desktop app I was trying different combinations and you can make way more awesome GUIs lol. There is a particular YT channel that show cases more advanced features but I cant recall the name… nywy meanwhile you can check PyQt5

Qt5 is AFAIK a desktop application framework that includes a GUI framework.
NiceGUI is browser-based (doc).
In addition to the doc, the PyPI page lists several learning materials on the github site.
There are lots of videos on YouTube.
There are 75 Stackoverflow questions tagged nicegui.
This should be enough to keep you busy.

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Thanks, Terry :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Michael.
Like Terry said. NiceGUI is browser-based and the look and feel is a lot more up-to-date.

Hey buddy no worries…lol almost felt weird for a sec saying hey {YOUR_NAME}… nywy yeah as Terry has guided you its time to get your hands dirty and all the best.

I have been using nicegui for about 4 months. I am developing an online golf league management application (hobby) that I will be posting on github in the future. In the past, I have developed application GUI’s in Java Swing, python Tkinter, and python PySimpleGUI. nicegui is a fantastic package, but there is a moderate learning curve. My biggest hurdle has been my lack of HTML and Javascript experience which is important for understanding what the nicegui python is doing for you …
Also, learning the intricacies of the ag grid component is time consuming, but the developer is VERY responsive to “how do I do this” questions!

The package lends itself to implementing an MVC architecture, so I was quickly able to connect to some peewee ORM development that I did months ago …

If you want to do some python web developement, I highly recommend this package.

Mike Warren