No Python 3.9 installation was detected

Attempting to update from 3.8.6 x64 to 3.9 I get the above error. I click OK, it comes up again. I click OK again and I get 0x80070643 Fatal error during installation. I’ve tried a clean install, no issue, but 3.8.6 re-installs with no problem. I’ve tried disabling malwarebytes, and running the net framework repair tool, both to no improvement.

Running Win 10 Pro x64 1909 18363.1139.

Log at:

Any idea why this may be happening, and how to resolve it?



did u fix it…?
i need it so much

Hey there,

may i can help you. I just got this problem, and solved it just a minute ago.

You may have previous Versions installed ?
If that is the case go and de-install anything of older python versions.

If youre done, restart your Computer and go to

C:\Users\ {your_username} \AppData\Local\Programs

and delete the Python directory.

After this run the installer of Python as Adminstrator activate the check button “Add to path” and click on cutom install.
Here you should have checked anything, just “install for all users” and “download debug binaries” should unchecked.

Click on Install and here you go! Duno - happy coding