No way to add an explanation when flagging a post?

I’m surprised to find “flag a post” seems to just be a single pick-the-category-and-done form. If the post flagged is long and the potential violation buried in it, would it not be helpful for the person flagging it to be able to add details?


Two flag categories do have text boxes you can fill in. The others shouldn’t be used if it isn’t very obvious what the problem is.

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“Violating community guidelines” does not have this field. I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume that, for example, all moderators know all the ways someone can make a hostile atmosphere for a minority while still appearing to be totally reasonable to someone privileged, nor all the possible background for why something that may appear innocuous is actually harassment.

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Then raise a custom mod flag and explain it there.

Can that at least be documented on the form then? Right now it’s not obvious this workaround even exists.

This coud be changed by one of the @admins using the “Customize Text” feature.

I tried it out on the Bokeh forum.

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