Non admin trying to upload file to sharepoint with MFA

At work, I am not an admin on a sharepoint site that uses MFA(multi factor authentication which is is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors) .I am trying to upload files to the sharepoint site. I have a PowerShell script that works on my laptop, main PC’s, and both of our servers(Windows 2012) However, we are in the process of migrating to new servers, windows 2019. And my PowerShell script doesn’t seem to work for some reason on the new servers.
So, began to explore different tactics. Most of my stuff I have written is with Perl, so Im a newbie with Python, but there seems to be a lot more stuff with Python and sharepoint.
Anyhow, with Python, in order to upload the file, it almost seems like I’d have to create an app ID, which requires admin rights, which I don’t have. If that is the case, that is fine, I’ll just need to talk to my manager about that to either get granted admin rights so I can create an app ID, or simply have an existing admin create an app ID.
Again, very new to Python, but would appreciate any thoughts regarding this matter. My big question is, in order to use MFA with Python, do I need to create an App ID?

Hard to say for sure without knowing precisely how the second factor is done, but it definitely sounds like an App ID would be the way to go - that would mean you have properly-designated permissions and are playing nicely with the rest of the system. I’d start by talking to your admin about automation and getting an app ID allocated to you. (Tip: Before you meet with your admin, lay out precisely what you’ll need to be doing with this script; often, systems like this allow fairly fine-grained permissions, so it’ll help your admin if s/he knows exactly which permissions to grant your app. It will quite possibly be a restricted subset of what you, the human, are allowed to do.)

Thank you for this feedback.