Obtain the query interface url of BCS server

I want to do the query from with in script based on the interface here. For this purpose, the underlying posting URL must be obtained, say, the URL corresponding to “ITA Settings” button as shown below, so that I can create the corresponding query URL and initiate the query from the script.

However, I did not find the conversion rules from these buttons to the corresponding URL. Any hints for achieving this aim with the help of python package/library?


This is trivial with Selenium. Highlight the element by XPATH and extract URL with .get_attribute("href")

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Are there any example code snippets similar or related to the question discussed here? I’m rather new to Selenium, so, it’s beneficial for me to have a directly related example code.

Sure, Selenium is very brilliantly documented: 0, 1, 2

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Thank you very much, Vladimir. I will read and learn relevant documents.

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