Official zephyr-project getting desperate with 2 months-old PEP 541 name claim

I’m sorry if this is the wrong place (by all means please point me at any better one) but the are getting a bit desperate with what we (naively?) thought would be a no-brainer PEP 541 name claim.

PEP 541 Request: Kconfiglib · Issue #2526 · pypi/support · GitHub didn’t get any answer for 2 months now. Is there anything missing or that we’ve done wrong?

Thanks in advance for anything that would help!

Unfortunately, these requests can sometimes be backlogged for a while due to very limited resources, high demand and the fact that only a very small number of people can process them, as it inherently requires a very high trust and privilege level to make such a change. It’s an understandably frustrating situation for all involved, so hopefully yours gets resolved very soon!

@dustin or @EWDurbin , could either of you help with this? It seems to be a key dependency for a large and widely used project, and the request is by the maintainers of such, part of a well-known org that’s taken up maintenance of it.