Ope svd and tvl file

hi all someone can help me , and describe how can i open svd and tlv files?

with open(‘./csv_files/tableau-test2.tvl’) as f:
rectype = np.dtype(np.int32)
bdata = np.fromfile(f, dtype=rectype)


What do you expect these to mean, and why? Why do you have these files in the first place? If they were provided to you by some other person, did that person tell you anything about what they mean?

What happened when you tried your code? Was something else supposed to happen instead? What happened, and how is that different from what you wanted?

i probe my code and i see 67X6 data. but im not sure if my code is a correct way to open a file

A quick look in the PyPI repository returns these:

… but I’m unsure if they’re what you need.

well thanks for help

You’re welcome. Sorry I can’t do more than that.

One of the issues that you face, when working with files/data formats for which the Python standard libraries offer little if any support, is that you’ll need to find someone who is either familiar with these 3rd party packages or is willing to get familiar with them, in order to help you; it’s not an impossibility, and you may get lucky and find someone here, in this Forum.

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