OpenSSL Providers Online Workshop: Users Track : Dec 6th and Dec 7th

Thought, this may be interesting from some of our core developers and perhaps some users as well. OpenSSL providers are sets of implementations of crypto algorithms, e.g. most people will use the default one, but some may also want to use the fips one.

Here’s the announcement: Live OpenSSL Providers Workshop: Users Track : Dec 6th and Dec 7th

Please join OpenSSL for a Live Virtual Workshop this December. The User Track will cover how to use OpenSSL providers. It will be split into 3 separate presentations by OpenSSL Engineers. There will be opportunities to ask questions after each talk, as well as at the end where there will be an open forum for any questions or feedback not covered by the individual presentations.

The presentations will cover the following topics:

Talk 1: Provider Overview
Presented by: Matt Caswell

  • What is a Provider?
  • Why do we have Providers?
  • Example Use Cases
  • Providers vs Engines
  • Provider Deployment Scenarios
  • OpenSSL supplied Providers
  • How to configure and activate Providers

Talk 2: Fetching provider algorithms
Presented by: Tomas Mraz

  • Property queries
  • Query language
  • Default property query vs explicit property queries
  • Library contexts
  • Explicit vs implicit fetching
  • Caching fetched algorithms for performance

Talk 3: The FIPS Provider
Presented by: Matt Caswell

  • What is FIPS?
  • What is the FIPS Provider?
  • The Security Policy and FIPS compliance
  • Installing the FIPS provider
  • Different ways to use the FIPS provider

Please contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

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