Packaging Project Manager Monthly update- November

Here are the updates for the month of November-

  • Further meetings with survey participants to collect feedback

  • Sent out another survey to confirm survey findings

  • Collated data collected via the surveys and interviews

  • Drafted the project development roadmap document. Further updates will be required based on review feedback.

  • Started drafting community updates to summarize survey feedback, key decisions and PyPI development plans.


@smm Thank you for the update! Would you mind linking here to the survey and the roadmap draft?

If folks see something they want to bring your attention to, how should we do that? Would you prefer an email (if so, what address?), a GitHub heads-up (to which username?), starting a thread here and @-mentioning you, or something else?

Hello. I’ve edited the original post to add the link to the survey. The roadmap draft will be shared with everyone once it has been reviewed.

If anyone wants to reach out to me, please @ me here (preferred). If they need to find me on Github, my username is ‘s-mm’. If they prefer email, my address is