Pandas Dataframe Styles are not working with Jupyter Notebook


I have a dataframe which is constructed using a list and other dataframe that i read from excel file.
What I want to do is, I just have to apply the background color to first row of a dataframe which I would export in to an excel.
The below code doing the job correclty as expected.(There is issue with the data)

The issue is the style which I have applied to the dataframe was not reflected in the excel sheet. I am using Jupyter Notebook.
Please suggest a way to get the styles in excel.

`import pandas as pd

sheet1 = r’D:\dinesh\input.xlsx’
sheet2 = “D:\dinesh\lookup.xlsx”
sheet3 = “D:\dinesh\Output.xlsx”
sheetname = ‘Dashboard Índice (INPUT)’

print(‘Started extracting the Crime Type!’)
df1 = pd.read_excel(sheet1,sheet_name = ‘Dashboard Índice (INPUT)’,skiprows=10, usecols = ‘B,C,D,F,H,J,L,N,P’, encoding = ‘unicode_escape’)

crime_type = list(df1.iloc[:0])[3:]
print(f’crime_types : {crime_type}’)
df1 = (df1.drop(columns=crime_type,axis=1))
cols = list(df1.iloc[0])

print(f’Columns : {cols}’)
df1.columns = cols
df1 = (df1[1:]).dropna()

final_data =
for index, row in df1.iterrows():
sheetname = (f’{row[cols[1]]:0>2d}. {row[cols[0]]}’)
cnty_cd = [row[cols[0]], row[cols[1]], row[cols[2]]]
wb = pd.ExcelFile(sheet2)

workbook = ''.join([workbook for workbook in wb.sheet_names if workbook.upper() == sheetname])         
if workbook:
	df2 = pd.read_excel(sheet2, sheet_name = workbook, skiprows=7, usecols ='C,D,H:T', encoding = 'unicode_escape')

	df2_cols = list(df2.columns)  
	final_cols = cols + df2_cols
	df2 = df2.iloc[2:]        
	df2 = df2.dropna(subset=[df2_cols[1]])

	for index2, row2 in df2.iterrows():             
		if row2[df2_cols[1]].upper() in crime_type:
			s1       = pd.Series(cnty_cd)                
			df_rows  = (pd.concat([s1, row2], axis=0)).to_frame().transpose()             
	print(f'{sheetname} does not exists!')

df3 = pd.concat(final_data)
df3.columns = final_cols
df_cols = (pd.Series(final_cols, index=final_cols)).to_frame().transpose()
df_final = (pd.concat([df_cols,df3], axis=0, ignore_index=True, sort=False)) x: [‘background: blue’ if else ‘’ for i in x], axis=1)
df_final.to_excel(sheet3, sheet_name=‘Crime Details’,index=False,header = None)

print(f’Sucessfully created the Output file to {sheet3}!’) `

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Probably related to this, I find that the “classes” option of DataFrame.to_html, as discussed here seems to have no effect; and indeed the examples there show this. It is confusing that Jupyter output in the notebook, using repr_html, shows formatting that I can’t reproduce with to_html.

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