Parse SQL query to dataframe


First time here and hoping someone can help. I have a portfolio web app to showcase some SQL queries I have written that I want to put into streamlit. My goal is to have the viewer copy any of the aforementioned queries from a column (col1), paste them into a text area to submit in another column (col2) and display the output in a dataframe/table format in a wider third column (col3). The results I currently return are two columns using iterate but would like to just pass any/all columns that are part of the query. I tried a number of other code pieces (pandas_gbq.read_gbq, read_sql_query, read_sql_table) in place of iterate but can’t seem to find one that transitions the complete query results after sql_executor does its part into a dataframe that I can use. I’ve also searched multiple wording of what I’m trying to do with no answers that I could see.

Any help would be appreciated. Here is my code:

from import dbapi
import pandas as pd
import os


#DB management

client = bigquery.Client()
conn = dbapi.Connection(client)
c = conn.cursor()

def sql_executor(raw_code):
    data = c.fetchall()
    return data

def main():
    menu = ["SQL Queries"]
    with st.sidebar:
        choice = st.selectbox("Menu",menu)
    if choice == "SQL Queries":
        st.subheader("SQL Queries")

    with st.container():
        query_col1, query_col2 = st.columns(2)
        with query_col1:
                st.text("Click the copy button for one of the SQL queries below")
                st.code("SELECT * FROM hosp_info.hospital_general_information")
        with query_col2: 
            with st.form(key='query_form'):
                raw_code = st.text_area("Paste SQL query here")
                submit_code = st.form_submit_button("Execute")

    with st.container():   
        query_col3, query_col4 = st.columns(2) 

        with query_col3:
            if submit_code:
                query_results = sql_executor(raw_code) # Results
                for row in query_results:
                    st.write(f'{row.provider_id} {row.hospital_name}')
if __name__ == '__main__':

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After doing some more searching I found pandas_gbq and solved my issue!