PCB detection using python

Can anyone tell that how to detect PCB’s through video capture using python.

I think this question as such is a bit out of scope on this forum… One way to find methods and tools (including Python tools) for this is to search for “PCB defect detection papers with code” which will give you many references to academic papers + code (on the https://paperswithcode.com site).
For instance: ChangeChip: A Reference-Based Unsupervised Change Detection for PCB Defect Detection | Papers With Code

It seems like you assume that “how to detect PCB’s” means to look for defects in a printed circuit board. But I don’t think that’s at all obvious. For all we know, the goal is to detect the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls in waste water (although I have no idea how that could be expected to show up on video).

It’s important for people who have a question to actually ask it clearly, and give at least some idea of the intended approach. At least to the point where we can see how Python is supposed to be relevant to the problem.

Another recent post of the OP makes clear that they are talking about circuit boards. But I do agree with your general point…

It’s still a tad ambiguous what it means to “detect” them. Recognize photos containing at least one circuit board? Recognize specific circuit boards so you can say “that’s a Raspberry Pi 4” or “that’s an RTL8029”? Look at a specific board and determine whether it’s correct?

As is far too often the case, short questions with minimal effort put into them result in almost no helpful responses, simply because it’s near impossible to help when we don’t even know what’s wanted.

This page isn’t fully accurate any more, and was never entirely uncontroversial, but I believe it’s still more help than hindrance to anyone who wants to ask questions or get help:: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

The OP has previously posted a question about spotting defects on a PCB.
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