PEP 13 and the number of votes

PEP 13 says (under “Electing the council”, phase 2):

Each core team member can vote for zero to five of the candidates.

As mentioned in this discourse topic, the upper limit was a surprise to some, as the PSF elections use straight-up approval voting (no upper limit). I certainly agree with the majority in that topic; It felt to me, when voting, that the 5-vote limit did not have a beneficial effect on voting selection. I felt forced to consider candidates who had actual chance to win, rather than just who I thought would do a good job (which was very many of the candidates).

Am I alone in that view now? Can we get PEP 13 updated to regular approval voting? We have a month to do so before the next election.


Sounds good to me, and folks seemed generally in favor last time this came up.

Oh, I should’ve just made this a poll. Let’s see, does this work:

  • Retain current ‘zero to five’ vote mechanism
  • Switch to approval voting (vote for zero, some or all candidates)

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@thomas is this poll set to last for two weeks and to be an official vote the PEP 13 change (which means you should email python-committers), or is this a straw poll to simply see if people are interested enough to do a formal poll (in which case a formal poll would need to close before Nov 1)?

It was meant as a straw poll, really, because I couldn’t be bothered to find out how to do an official vote in case there were actual objections to the idea :slight_smile:

So if you want the PEP change, we need a vote of two weeks that ends before Nov 1 (when the nomination period starts). PEP 13 doesn’t say how the vote must be carried out, so I presume that a poll here is okay (email a link to python-committers though),

But IMO a vote should reference an actual PR; and I would give the PR a few days of publicity before starting the vote so edits based on feedback can be applied before you start the vote.

And nobody on the SC wants to be responsible for these logistics, so you’d have to do all this yourself.


Considering the short straw poll (which I just closed) was unanimous and nobody objected, I’ll do the procedural thing and post a real vote to amend PEP 13.

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