PEP 501: (reopen) General purpose string template literals

With collaboration with Nick Coghlan (the original author of PEP 501), we would like to propose reopening PEP 501 after 7 years of being differed. In those seven years, f-strings have become common idiomatic python, and people are familiar and comfortable with them. Also, since then, PEP 701 has been accepted, which adds even more power, and a reference implementation to for PEP 501.

As such, a PR has been created in favor of reconsidering PEP 501, with additions and improvements on things learned. Re-open PEP 501 in consideration of PEP 701 by nhumrich · Pull Request #3047 · python/peps · GitHub

On top of learning from other PEP’s, a major change to PEP 501 is renaming “String Interpolation” to “template literals” in line with popular naming around a similar feature in typescript/javascript.

A built version of the new PEP is currently located: PEP 501 – General purpose string template literals |


Thanks once again for working on this @nhumrich!

For folks reading the thread, note that we’ve received some excellent editorial comments from @CAM-Gerlach, so it will take some time to work through those and get the update PR to a point where we republish the PEP itself. Fortunately the PEP PRs have the rendered previews (as linked in the initial post) these days :slight_smile: