PEP 505: status?

I’m new here, but I did a search and wasn’t able to find anything in this forum on PEP 505 ( Is this PEP dead? or just unloved? The page says “deferred” but it doesn’t explain why.


PEP 505 is controversial as it’s using ? (the question mark), one of the last few printable non-alphanumeric characters from the 7-bit ASCII subset. The other example being $ (the dollar sign).

You can search archives of the python-ideas and python-dev mailing lists for previous discussion on this PEP.

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It was mostly controversial because nobody agreed on whether “None” was special or not.

The conversation didn’t make it to python-dev, but searching python-ideas for “PEP 505” should find the last round of discussion.

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Thanks all. I’ll take a look there.

I think most deferred PEPs have a small writeup in a section titled “PEP defferal” or something similar right at the top. Would it be possible to add something similar to this PEP?