PEP 581/588 RFC: Collecting feedback about GitHub Issues

I’ve posted to python-dev, python-committers, and core-workflow mailing list.
Posting here for greater visibility.

PEP 581: Using GitHub Issues has been accepted by the steering council, but PEP 588: GitHub Issues Migration plan is still in progress.

I’d like to hear from core developers as well as heavy b.p.o users, the following:

  1. what features do they find lacking from GitHub issues, or
  2. what are the things you can do in b.p.o but not in GitHub, or
  3. Other workflow that will be blocked if we were to switch to GitHub today

By understanding your needs, we can be better prepared for the migration, and we can start looking for solutions.

In addition, I received tip that the GitHub team is very motivated to help us, and if we can give them some of our most wanted features, they might be able to accommodate us. But first we need to tell them what we need. They’re not promising anything, but I’d like to at least try and give them these suggestions.

Action items:

  1. Please leave your comment in this issue:

  2. Leave your +1 by reacting :+1: to suggested feature by others

  3. Please do this before October 1, 2019 (not a hard deadline)

Closing as Mariatta wants comments to