PEP 703: Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional (3.12 updates)

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Hi Gregory and the Steering Council,

Thanks for reviewing the PEP. The PEP was posted five months ago, and it has been 20 months since an end-to-end working implementation (that works with a large number of extensions) was discussed on python-dev. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to review the PEP and offer comments and suggestions.

You wrote that the Steering Council’s decision does not mean “no,” but the steering council has not set a bar for acceptance, stated what evidence is actually needed, nor said when a final decision will be made. Given the expressed demand for PEP 703, it makes sense to me
for the steering committee to develop a timeline for identifying the factors it may need to consider and for determining the steps that would be required for the change to happen smoothly.

Without these timelines and milestones in place, I would like to explain that the effect of the Steering Council’s answer is a “no” in practice. I have been funded to work on this for the past few years with the milestone of submitting the PEP along with a comprehensive implementation to convince the Python community. Without specific concerns or a clear bar for acceptance, I (and my funding organization) will have to treat the current decision-in-limbo as a “no” and will be unable to pursue the PEP further.