PEP 720: Cross-compiling Python packages

Hi, I pushed a draft PEP attempting to document the current state of cross-compilation and relevant information. The goal is to both serve as a reference document as we try to improve the status quo, as well as a supporting document for build backend (or related applications) authors to help possibly migrate away from direct compiler introspection (see New sysconfig API 馃 (meta-issue) 路 Issue #103480 路 python/cpython 路 GitHub for the future plans on that front).

I would like to gather feedback on the PEP. This is a very complex topic, so it鈥檚 probably there鈥檚 something I missed.

Additionally, if you are a contributor to a project that has to do with cross-compilation (eg. build backends) and would like to contribute an entry to the case-studies section, please let me know [1], or open a PR against the GitHub - python/peps: Python Enhancement Proposals repo.

  1. You can reach out to me via email at, or join the PyPA discord to discuss. 鈫╋笌