PEP Editors, are you still around?

PEP 1 mentions “PEP Editors”, an invitation-only group of people who do administrative work on PEPs. They should be reachable at, but mail I sent there bounced.
I’m not in the PEP editor group, and I don’t know who is, but it seems that the PEP Editors’ work can now be done by anyone with commit rights to the peps repo on GitHub.

Does PEP 1 need to be updated?
Can I merge my own PEP draft, or will I invoke the wrath of a secret cabal of ReST devotionists? (I don’t have Emacs installed, and—heresy!—checking the finer points of PEP 12 seems like useless busywork to me.)

I could just do it and possibly ask for forgiveness later, but I’d like to bring the documentation up to date if I can.

My experience is that you can just do the work yourself, since you have permissions. And no problem asking for forgiveness later.

I think the PEP editors exist to help non-committers. I have no insight into the email address not working.

Yeah PEP editors still exist and are listed here: (note that this URL will be 404 if you’re not a member of python org on GitHub)

I think they do monitor the PEPs repo regularly.

If the email address doesn’t work perhaps they can be tagged on GitHub as @python/pep-editors if necessary?

I agree with @ericvsmith: as core dev you can merge your own PEP.

Yes, I follow the repo, so I get pinged on all PRs and issues.

We shut the mailing list down because no one used it. @encukou, can you open an issue for us to update PEP 1?

Yes, any core dev can merge their own PR as we trust them to know what they are doing. The key ask we have is to always use the PEP 12 template and not to do it from memory or some old PR of yours; important updates end up there (e.g. copyright notice).

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I opened a pull request with a proposal, please amend it if my wording/changes are not ideal.

Thank you for your work on PEPs!

+1 to what Brett said.

Are we sure Georg Brandl still wants to be a PEP editor? I haven’t seen him for many years (he seems to have wandered off into Rust-land IIRC.) And I’d like to be added back to the list (I don’t recall requesting to be dropped, but that may just be my bad memory.)

I think we just transitioned everyone who as subscribed to the list.

It looks like that was taken care of.