Pip install discord not working

says pip is not a command, using vs code terminal

On Windows it’s recommended to use the Python Launcher and the pi module:

py -m pip install discord

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how can i fix this?

How did you install Python? Where did you get it from? The standard distribution from python.org includes pip.

I installed it from python.org, I got the latest version, I’ve reinstalled it once. Do I need to do it again?

Try running the installer and clicking on Modify. Is the checkbox next to “pip” turned on? (And the one next to “py launcher”, for that matter.)

Yeah it is.

“pip” should be in the “Scripts” subfolder of the Python folder. Is it?

Is that “Scripts” subfolder listed in the Windows search path?


echo %path%

Am I doing something wrong?

I overlooked that you’re using PowerShell.



There is no pip in the folders

What about

py -m ensurepip

Does that run, and if so, does py -m pip work afterwards?


You will need to disable your antivirus.

Others have reported that Windows Defender is the cause. I haven’t yet found a suggested solution.

www.debian.org ?

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Or third-party anti-virus.

There have been suggestions to disable Windows Defender until pip’s installed and working, but that’s a little unsafe. However, you could try free anti-virus, even if it’s used only so that you can temporarily disable Windows Defender without risk.