Pip install numpy

Hi friends! I´m new here. I have this problem! I have numpy in my pip list but when I need to use it I always have this erro! Can you help me please! Thank yoy very much!

Numpy is a Python library, not a command. Just what are you trying to accomplish by running “numpy” at the command line?

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Hi thank you for answering! I’m trying pio install numpy. I’m also trying pio install requests. Thank you :blush:

The output from pip list that you posted above shows that both of those libraries have been installed successfully. What more do you want?

Hi Agton,

try entering:

python -i

and then, in the python command line:

import numpy

after that, you can use numpy…

As John pointed out, numpy cannot be used standalone but just in a python context. I hope this cleared it up?

Cheers, Dominik