Pip, --pre and beta/dev versions


For our internal project we have three types of releases:

  • development: 11.dev2+gdeadbeef
  • beta: 10.beta1
  • release: 10

With pip I can specify to install pre-release – pip install --pre package, and it will install latest development version, in this case 11.dev2+gdeadbeef.

I can specify to install latest stable release: pip install package.

Is there a way without specifying any versions to tell pip to install latest available beta version of the package?


I don’t think there is a way to achieve this, unfortunately.

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Worth testing whether pip install package>0.1a0 will do the right thing.

Using a comparison against a prerelease version will enable pip to select other prerelease versions, much like the --pre tag, but it might not pick up the local version. (I actually thought that local versions were never meant to be picked up automatically, but maybe I misunderstood something here?)

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@steve.dower Your suggestion works. Awesome. :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass: