Please suggest me some Python thesis topics in MS

I need to propose a Thesis topic for my Professor to accept me under his supervision. Could some one please suggest Python thesis topics?

what are your interests in computer science and what do you want do in the future? There are a huge number of topics that can be thesis. Are trying to go for PhD or just graduate?

I like Python programming so I wanted to go with Thesis on the same related topics. I’m not yet thinking on Ph.D, as of now just for graduating.

Any particular area of interest? Do you like machine learning, algorithms, classical AI, computer vision, any problem that interests you? How about databases? NoSQL? Python itself as a programming language theory? Data types, static analysis, symbolic execution?
Do you have a specific professor in mind? What are his specialties?

The Professor has Big data systems and Machine Learning skills apart from Python. I wanted to do Thesis under him.

Then it would probably be better to pick some machine learning problem or some kind of architecture research on big data. A few common problems would be doing machine learning for medical data or something in healthcare industry. Take a read, maybe you will find something that catches your eye The Role of AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data in Digital Twinning: A Systematic Literature Review, Challenges, and Opportunities | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore


Also if your professor actually has interest in programming languages, which doesn’t really sound like that, then you can do some kind of type inference research or maybe optimizations or memory management research.
Master’s thesis doesn’t really need to be particularly innovative, so most somewhat complex topics will do for them.
And I also found this Analysis of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques on Big Data | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore. Maybe you can apply this stuff to some different problem.

And your professor probably has some publications, read them and see what he does. There is a good probability that you can do something adjacent with him.


Thank you very much.