POLL: What label should PRs from core devs automatically receive?

(Brett Cannon) #1

[Starting up this discussion again that took place back in September 2018 on the ML]

Current PRs from core devs get the awaiting merge label. I did that since the awaiting labels are meant to help represent what is keeping a PR from being merged. But it has been brought up that all PRs should be reviewed and so that labelling isn’t accurate (and some people want awaiting merge so that core dev PRs are treated the same as external PRs, and others want awaiting core review since it’s assumed core devs really want another core dev to review the change). I figured to resolve this it was easiest to just take a poll of people’s preference.

  • awaiting review
  • awaiting core review
  • awaiting merge

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(Zachary Ware) #2

Missing option: no label :slight_smile:


hmm I don’t like the “no label” option. I think I’ll be ok with either awaiting core review or awaiting review but I could only choose one.

(Brett Cannon) #4

That was on purpose to force top preference. If it’s a tie I’ll just make a call when I do the change.

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(Nick Coghlan) #5

At the very least, we should be reviewing our own PRs in the GitHub web UI - I know I pick things up there that I might miss on local review (e.g. forgetting to add files, accidentally checking in files I didn’t mean to modify)

(Brett Cannon) #6

Thanks to everyone who took the poll! I’ll make the change to Bedevere when I have a chance (or someone else beats me to it). Tracking in https://github.com/python/bedevere/issues/157 .

(Brett Cannon) #7

This should be live shortly thanks to an external PR!