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Hi all, I’ve posted a topic that I assumed was valid and sensible with no offensive language and I’ve had the post hidden by Akismet!
I’ve recently gained another trust level and I still have the post hidden and no-one can apparently help.
I’ve read other posts where this has happened. Can someone please…1 review the post Roll 2 dice and plot a histogram - Simplipy and animate, 2 enable everyone to see the post so I can get some guidance from this great community and 3 update Akismet so this doesn’t happen with valid posts. I’d really like to understand why this happened and why it has taken so long to get this sorted. I’m sure that people are busy at this time but I’m a bit frustrated with the lack of support… especially as this script was to help explain to my daughter about probability and real uncertainty. She is only 10 years old as doesn’t have my patience…it has now been 18 days!

Hi Matthew,

I’m not a moderator and I have no superpowers when it comes to hiding and showing posts, but I have tried to find your post and I can’t see it at all. Discuss claims that you have only made one post, namely this one.

Perhaps you could try re-posting your question?

I was wondering who or what is Akismet. It is a spam filter and the hidden posts should be reviewed and restored by moderators or @admins. See this topic:

It seems that the hidden posts are not visible in the user’s history for other normal users.

Unfortunately you ran into multiple issues with your post.

First, my guess is it got flagged as spam as it talked about dice which could be misconstrued as gambling.

Second, we accidentally accepted the block that Akismet suggested. My apologies on that mistake. Us volunteers do our best, but spam volume can spike here and this may have been accidentally caught in one of those days where we were having to deal with a lot.

Third, your reply asking what’s going was to the system account which is just a blackhole as it doesn’t represent a person, so there was no one to get the response. In the future you can message the admins if this happens again.

Anyway, I have restored Roll 2 dice and plot a histogram - Simplipy and animate .

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And for any future admins, the way I found the original post was to go into user messages and find the one from Akismet which always has a link back to the hidden post.

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