Privileged actions on Linux using Python (Root/Sudo)

How can I do privileged actions requiring sudo/root using Python?

For example, writing or modifying a file as root. Is there a library or standard way of doing this?

Ideally CLI and GUI methods.

If you start as a non prived user then you would need to execute the appropriate sudo command using the subprocess module.

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Oh, I see. Easy as that. I didn’t expect it to work so flawlessly.

Do you happen to know of any software using this in CLI or GUI?

I am considering this as solved however, because running sudo with is near equivalent to doing it in a shell.

Its very common to see used in python code, both cli an gui.
Are you looking for anything specific as an example?

No, I have an idea what to look around for now. I was specifically looking for pkexec, to “pop” the GUI that other software uses. Thanks for your help.

You can do that too. If it’s a command you can run at the shell, you can invoke it from inside Python. Take your pick - sudo, pkexec, or anything else you please - they’ll work identically.